Food Combining & Blood Type Foods!

Ever been bloated, constipated, had diarrhea, acid reflux (heart burn), felt compacted, or couldn't go to the bathroom well? Not fun, huh? Yeah. It's not. Well, our diet can be a factor in these situations.*

Having a good diet can limit the possibility of running into these types of things. There are some really good guidelines we've gathered together to help ensure you have a good day, everyday* :)

Good Rules to Follow

We have been around lots of diets over the years, and they all come and go, but one thing remains the same - we all basically have the same organs, have to eat food to survive, and go to the bathroom. The body has a set way of working and that's it. The more we can eat in a way that supports the body's functions and not create difficult situations, the better we'll be.*

The two diet recommendations we've seen that are the most effective and just make sense are 1) food combining properly, and 2) eating according to your blood type. People can see benefit with either one of these, but we've noticed they work best together!*


Food Combining

Food combining is a concept that advises mixing our food groups in certain combinations for best digestion and absorption. The main food groups would be fruits, vegetables, starches/grains, and proteins. The simplified recommendations would be*:

  • Always eat fruit alone.*
  • Other meals are eaten as vegetables WITH grains (starches), or vegetables WITH protein. Never mixing grains with proteins.*

This would mean no fruit in your green-leafy salads, no meat and potatoes, no turkey sandwiches, no sushi (rice & fish together), no chicken pasta, etc.*

I know, that sounds like some amazing meals right there! And I agree. But the fact behind all this is that the body produces stomach juices to digest these food groups. When these juices that don't mix well together, say juices that digest fruit and juices that digest protein mix, it's like a war. Ever been bloated just 15 minutes after starting to eat a meal? Yep. The body can react that fast!*

Just try it for a week, see how you feel... :)


Blood Type Food

Food combining can do wonders for our digestion, but even if we do that we may not be able to absorb all the nutrients from certain foods we eat. You may have heard of the "blood type diet" before. Well, it's gotten some attention lately, but it's actually been around for years. And when I say years, I mean YEARS! It's not something new. It's just gotten popular for whatever reason. But the important thing is that it's been recognized by many professionals and has shown importance worth considering.*

Not everyone digests and absorbs oranges the same way. Same goes with bread, or chicken, or even tomatoes! Yes, these popular foods may be passing right through you without giving your body as much as you'd like them to.*

There are 4 main blood types to know of:

  • O (most people, universal donor)
  • A (2nd most prevalent)
  • B (3rd most prevalent)
  • AB (rarest and the "universal receiver")

There are "+" and "-" symbols that are attached to these blood types (O+, B-, etc.), but that isn't a concern with food. All you need to know is the letter.*

You can look up any number of books to get more information on this approach, reading lots and lots of pages, but if you'd rather get the good information and organized lists of the foods that go with your blood type and foods to stay away from you can simply get our "Guide to Smart Food Choices." This is a book, long in the making, to help everyone to know what foods they and their family and friends will get the greatest nourishment from. We've also included an "ALL" sections that incorporates every blood type, so that you can serve a family meal or party food that is good for everyone! Just trying to make it simple and easy for you all!* ;)

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