About Dr. Bo

A healthy body is the foundation for a happy and active life.

Naturally Supportive

We believe that a healthy body is the start. And with that in place, there's nothing to hold you back. Free to enjoy life and thrive. To make this all possible, we strive to be the reliable source for healthy knowledge and ingredients.

The human body has a lot of functions; and knows exactly how to make everything work together. Supporting the body's own natural processes with a healthy diet and quality supplements is a remarkable way to keep the body functioning at a high level and feeling great. If you take care of your body, it'll thank you! All you have to do is start :)

Who We Are

Dr. Bo Wagner Sr. founded this family-owned business 40+ years ago with a single goal in mind - to help the ones he loved. He noticed many health difficulties arising in his circle of family and friends, so he took to books and learning. The knowledge he gained through years of study and experience made a significant impact with his community of loved ones, and soon the word spread.

Dr. Bo Wagner Jr.

Dr. Bo Wagner Jr., I.M.D. is president and CEO of DR.BO® supplements and Wagner Healthcare - Clinic of Integrative Medicine. He continues the legacy of his father by maintaining and advancing the research, information, and natural supplements discovered by Dr. Bo Sr. He is a noted clinical nutritionist, board certified in integrative medicine, a diplomate of biologically based practices, researcher, certified colon hydrotherapist, and certified to do cardiovascular testing as a Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA) technician.

Through training seminars, workshops, videos and clinical practice, Dr. Bo brings both his and his father's solutions for vibrant health through wholesome nutrition, natural supplements, weight management, cleansing, exercise and fitness programs to thousands of people worldwide.

Dr. Bo Wagner Sr.

Dr. Bo Wagner Sr., Ph.D., D.N.M., B.C.I.M., D.C.C.N., F.A.A.I.M., was founder of Wagner Healthcare, a natural healthcare clinic of integrative medicine based in Sherman Oaks, California. He was a noted clinical nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine, cosmetic formulator, researcher, author, dean, professor, lecturer, certified sports nutritionist, certified colon hydrotherapist, certified phlebotomy technician, and certified to do cardiovascular testing as a Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA) technician.

Dr. Bo Sr. was featured internationally on television and radio, and in nationally syndicated newspapers and magazines. For over 47 years he was a pioneer in the world of integrative medicine, practicing holistic natural healthcare, nutritional counseling, colon hydrotherapy, and teaching his lifestyle plan, " The Wagner Way to Wellness®" to clients around the world. His extensive research and clinical testing led to the development of his internationally successful personal health care products and formulation of many unique dietary supplements, most notable his signature products Colon Magic®, Garden of Plenty®, Fiber Magic, Body Magic, and Heart Supreme®. Some of which have been featured in Allure Magazine, Us Weekly, and Coco Eco Magazine.

He was one of the most sought-after natural healthcare practitioners in the entertainment and sports industries.