Get Your Day Started with Green Tea

Get Your Day Started with Green Tea

Everyone has their rituals with getting going in the morning - hit snooze a few times, shower, cook some breakfast and throw on some work clothes. Well, one beneficial thing to add in to your ritual is green tea!

Adding this herbal tea to start your day can help you with so much with these benefits:

  • helps burn fat*
  • combats the aging process*
  • contains antioxidants to help combat free radicals*
  • help lower the risk of obesity*
  • can help soothe anxiety*
  • helps the body combat ailments*
  • helps reduce inflammation*
  • aids brain function*

And these are just a few of the wonderful things drinking green tea can do for you!

Two things to note about drinking green tea:

  1. Make sure to get "de-caffeinated" green tea. Very important. Caffeine does more harm to the body than the benefits it may provide.
  2. Tea can be dehydrating. Everyone might think, "Oh, there's water in my tea, so I'm drinking my daily amount of water intake. I'm all good." But that's not the case. Tea will actually combat hydration and make your body more dehydrated with every cup you drink. But there's an easy solution to this - for every cup of tea you drink, drink an additional cup of pure water. That way you'll be ensuring your body gets the best benefits from the green tea and making sure your body's getting all the water it needs to perform all it's other functions properly, which is important! You're made up of nearly 70-80% water!! That's a lot!

Enjoy this gift from nature and energize your day.

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