Parasites - Ugh!

Parasites - Ugh!

You're tired, nauseous, and your stomach has declared war on your bowels. Something is definitely wrong, yet you can't seem to put your finger on it. Even though you're eating right, the problem refuses to go away.

As incredible as it may seem, perhaps the problem is that millions of parasites have decided to take up residence in your body. They're sharing your food, partying in your intestines and releasing their waste into your bloodstream. UGH!*


3 out of every 4 people have some kind of parasite or worm. We commonly get them if we eat raw foods like unwashed fruit / vegetables or sushi (raw fish), if we're around pets or kids that typically bring them in from playing outside, etc. Parasites live mostly in a toxic bowel, but can exist in almost every part of the body. Cleansing the entire body, especially the bowels and blood, is a very important part of getting rid of parasites and worms.*

Parasites also produce a great deal of ammonia as their waste product. Ammonia is their equivalent of urine and it gets set free in our bodies by parasites, in large amounts. Ammonia is extremely toxic, especially to the brain.*

 On-Going Parasite Prevention*

  • Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water
  • Cook all meats to the prescribed temperature
  • Stop eating or cut down the amount of raw, uncooked meat or fish in your diet
  • Drink bottled water at home and when traveling, or, at home, install a proper water purification system
  • Keep pets properly treated on a regular basis with worm medications
  • Keep yourself on a good detoxification program as suggested by your health care practitioner
  • Continue to eat "cleansing foods," meaning those that will help you avoid constipation and keep your bowels moving so that any parasites that are killed can exit the body via a natural way. Dr. Bo Colon Magic and 15 Day Colon Detox can aid you in this department if you are having difficulty
  • Be sure you're having a few bowel movements each day by eating foods with fiber

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Importance of Intestinal Cleansing to Purge Parasites

It's important before you try to get rid of parasites to make sure that they have a way to get out of the body. The most logical and easy way would be through the colon. If you are constipated and you try to cleanse, this could be painful and toxic.*

It is also essential to deep cleanse the colon while killing off the parasites and worms, and highly recommended to do colonic irrigation session (colonic) or at least an enema occasionally (ideally once a week) while doing a parasite cleanse.*

Our Para Detox is a thorough, but easily do-able program that will effectively kill parasites, worms, and flukes in all of their stages and neutralize the ammonia they release.*

For a more thorough and complete parasite cleansing program, we recommend taking Para Detox with our Candi Cleanse. This helps in purge the body of candida and foreign invaders just like parasites.*

What to Expect When Cleansing

When doing any type of cleanse, there are common experiences that can occur. You can feel sick, get headaches, feel nauseous, experience tiredness, and more. When cleansing parasites, you can feel any of these things, but also you may find that your skin might breakout in a rash, pimples, redness, or something else. This is a sign that parasites are mainly residing in that area of your body. These reactions are nothing to be scared of. They're actually a good sign, because it's showing that the cleanse is working, and you want to get these parasites, poisons, and toxins out of your body. Just know that the only way OUT of the cleanse, is THROUGH the cleanse. And you'll be that much cleaner because of doing it.*

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