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Products for Kids


Adults aren't the only ones wanting a healthy and energetic life! With today's lack of quality food and sugar-loaded drinks it's more important to give kids the proper foundation of health so that they may grow and develop with all the building blocks they need. No one wants to finish a puzzle and be without all the pieces.


 The proper pieces for a child's health are:

Vitamins & Minerals
  • Multi-Vitamin - a good multi-vitamin will supply a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals to help rebuild and maintain natural immunities, cleanse the body of toxins, and supply energy and nutrient absorption.*



Digestive Enzymes
  • Enzymes - these are what helps our stomachs digest food. Our bodies already make some naturally, but it's beneficial to aid the stomach in supplying these.*




  • Probiotics - this is the good bacteria in our stomachs and intestines. Adding in daily probiotics can promote proper bacteria balance, prohibit harmful bacteria from adhering to the lining of the intestines, and aid a strong immune system.*



Omega Oils
  • Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - these are those omega 3-6-9 oils you may see or hear about in stores. They are the good fats that we need on a daily basis.*




Energy Plus




    For more options, see our blog post on Daily Health HERE.



    Products for Pets

    And don't forget about your furry family members! Whether your pets are indoors or like to play outside, they can carry many parasites and can be in need of cleansing and nourishment too! (Call to special order these...)


    • Pet Care Body
      Pet Care Body - the herbs in this formula have been shown to boost the
      immune system, while cleansing the blood, liver and lymph. Safe for all animal species.*




    • Pet Care Ear
      Pet Care Ear - the herbs in this formula have been shown to aid ear infections, mites and ticks. It also softens sharp plant material that may be lodged in ears. The herbs were chosen for their ability to reduce inflammation and bacteria while soothing and healing tissues. Safe for all animal species.*



    • Pet Care Kidney
      Pet Care Kidney - the herbs in this product have been shown to be helpful for cleansing, toning and protecting the kidneys. This herbal blend also helps reduce pain, swelling, inflammation, tenderness and stiffness in the joints and muscles due to arthritis and elder age. Safe for all animal species.*



    • Pet Care Liver
      Pet Care Liver - the herbs in this product have been shown to be helpful for cleansing, toning and protecting the liver and can assist in balancing liver enzymes. For best results, use with Pet Care Toxins to assist in strengthening the immune system. Safe for all animal species.*



    • Pet Care Para
      Pet Care Para - the herbs in this product have long been utilized to expel parasites and tone the digestive tract. Pet Care Para helps create a healthy environment for beneficial organisms such as acidophilus, yet is hostile to parasites. This formula has been officially tested on llamas and alpacas at Ohio State University. It was found to be most effective against coccidios, even surpassing current drug therapies. It was also found to be safe during pregnancy and lactation.*


    • Pet Care Skin
      Pet Care Skin - an herbal skin dressing used successfully for 27 years on llamas, horses, pets, wildlife and farm animals. It speeds healing of wounds and aids tissue regeneration. Pet Care Skin is an edible antiseptic that helps reduce soreness and inflammation. It's great for scrapes, cuts, burns, dry skin, sore teats and cracked foot pads. Safe for all animal species.*



    • Pet Care Toxins
      Pet Care Toxins - great at helping clear clogged or swollen lymph nodes, with blood cleansers to assist in the removal of toxins. It is excellent when clearing animals of waste products and after venomous bites and stings. Safe for all animal species.*